Services Provided by Genesis Vue (note: not all items may be in your order)


  1. Genesis Vue mobile application user accounts for easy appointment set ups (available on iOS version 8.4 or later, Android and PC).


Open House Live Streaming

Automatic social media updates for your listings provided from us

Smart notifications

  1. Photography/Videography of your listing
  2. 360 Video of your listing (lighting conditions may interfere with quality)
  3. Aerial Drone Videography (weather and area permitted)
  4. Floor Plan
  5. Web link for your listing
  6. Feature Sheet template
  7. Agent Commercial

Agent Headshot

Open House/Real Estate event promotional photography/videography commercials

Files are usually completed by 5 pm on the following day – this may be affected due to holidays or peak service periods (staff are not required to complete this faster)




Open House live-streaming is provided by Genesis Vue at no cost for agents and consumers.  This service allows agents and consumers to communicate via live chat. Genesis Vue is not responsible for:


  • the content of messages between consumers and agents
  • acquiring consent from an agent’s client to allow live-streaming to take place (agent is responsible for getting this consent from their clients
  • any information that agents provide to clients during live streaming
  • charges related to mobile devices or data usage of consumers or agents phones


Automated Social Media Updates


Automated social media updates occur when agents agree to sign up with Genesis Vue for services. At this point, Genesis Vue will only automatically update the listing that we do through our services.  Agents have to provide their User ID and Password to the system for it to automatically update.


The system does not touch social media accounts or change anything within the system.  All it does is post the links to the platform.


Smart Notifications


Smart notifications notifies consumers and agents with pre-determined requirements that have been set up to find a home in your desired area.  Genesis Vue is not responsible for content of any postings done by agents for the search.


When an agent’s property for which have done video tours is ready, the system automatically notifies all agents and consumers that they have signed up with our app and that this property is coming to the market. If the agent does not want this to be publicized Genesis Vue must be notified before the property listing ends.


In order for us to better serve our customers, all properties scheduled for a shoot must be cleaned and prepared prior to the arrival of the crew as well as allowing the crew to film the property without interruption. Real estate agents are responsible for ensuring anyone living at that property is aware of the shoot and will refrain from interrupting or causing any delays during the shoot.


Genesis Vue desktop and mobile application is available on iOS and Google devices. Compatibility requirements: iOS version 8.4 or later.  Updates to the mobile app are made from time to time and may require an update on the user end.


The application cannot book within 24 hours.  If an agent needs a listing to be booked within 24 hours for any reason, the agent must contact Genesis Vue staff directly for availability.  Please note: we cannot guarantee availability within a 24 hour period.


All the videos will be shot and edited in a timely manner as per our hour turn around time.  In order to maintain this time, all videos will be edited by a professional.  Any and all materials used in each edited video are licensed or owned by Genesis Vue, including music.  The editing staff cannot make any changes or alter materials used.


Your listings with Genesis Vue will rank high on YouTube and Google, however, this depends on various factors and Genesis Vue cannot guarantee the top listing.


Transport Canada has announced new by-laws and regulations in accordance with the operations of drone usage in Canada.  Should you request drone footage for your listing, Genesis Vue will apply for the permit.  However, Genesis Vue will not operate the drone if a permit is not issued, conflicts with privacy by-laws or if weather conditions are not suitable.  There are no exceptions.  For more information on the usage of drones in Canada, please visit

360 Interactive Videos are free with select packages, however, cannot be completed under certain lighting conditions.

If a confirmed listing shoot is cancelled or delayed due to client/agent not present, listing is not ready or agent cancels within 24 hours, the agent is subject to a flat cancellation of $100.00.
Cancellation charges cover costs such as; the wages for the camera crew, loss of appointment slot for another potential shooting and travel expenses for the crew.

Our turn around time is usually 5 pm the following day, however, these times may vary depending on various reasons.  The staff are not required to complete the services before this.

If there is any inconsistency between these terms and any brochure, online material or any other materials, these terms will prevail.


By continuing with the service appointment, you:

  • Accept all provisions of the service;
  • Acknowledge that you have received or had the opportunity to review a copy of the service agreement and understand all of the terms;
  • Confirm that the information you have provided is accurate and up-to-date; and
  • Agree to notify us of any change in your information


You are liable for all fees on your account. Charges are due and payable in full from the date of your invoice.

You agree that we can charge any unpaid amount, including any late payment charges, on your account to your credit card, bank account or any other payment method provided and we reserve the right to cancel the services.


Administrative and/or service charges may be levied for administration, account processing or services as a result of the following:

  • Collection efforts due to non-payment;
  • Returned or rejected payments;
  • Changes or modifications to any of the services requested by you; and


From time to time, we may establish policies, limits and rules concerning the use of the services, equipment and any other applications.Your use of the services is subject to these policies.We will provide you with the notice or change of the policies.


You grant us the following permissions to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, compress, display any content with respect to photos, videos, audio and audiovisual content for the purpose.This permission is only in affect for as long as you retain our services.We may remove or refuse to post any content, information or materials, in whole or in part, that we decide are unacceptable, undesirable or in violation of a service agreement.


You authorize us and our staff to enter or have access to your premises or listing premises as necessary at mutually agreed upon times to perform the services as set out by this agreement.


You acknowledge that the use of the Genesis Vue mobile application is subject to applicable data charges (as per your wireless service provider) and we are not responsible for any charges relating to the usage.

Personal information collected in connection with the provision of the services may be stored in Ontario.All information is confidential and will not be disclosed by us to anyone except:


  1. An agent retained by us in the collection of your account;
  2. A law enforcement company/agency when we have reason to believe you are involved in unlawful activities


Genesis Vue reserves the right to terminate your services if:

  • There is non-payment on the account
  • You have provided false or stolen information;
  • You harass, threaten or abuse us, our employees or our clients


All copyright, branding, names, logos and designs used by us are registered and licensed by Genesis Vue or one of its affiliates.

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We provide branded and non-branded materials.  Please ensure you are using the non-branded materials for your MLS services.


Services to be Rendered by Client:


  1. Properties to be ?lmed must be cleaned prior to ?lm crew arriving. If any renovations, painting, staging, etc. are being done, this must be completed before time of shoot.  Crew may not be able to stay and wait for the completion of any above mentioned work and will have to re-schedule.  Re-scheduling will result in a cancellation fee of $100.00
  2. Should the property not be vacant at the time of the shoot, advise any person(s) on the property to allow the crew ample space and not interrupt the camera view in order to complete the videos and photos.
  3. Information pertaining to the property information, listing price and agent information is provided in the sections on the app when booking the listing. This ensures the listing website includes all of this information.


Payment for Services Rendered


An invoice will be e-mailed for the booking.  The Client shall pay the Provider for services rendered the date of the booking or on the due date indicated on the invoice.  Contact or to update credit card information on file or to make changes to the method of payment.

Genesis Vue reserves the right to remove footage or not provide footage for failure to make a payment.


MLS Usage & How Does the Web Link Work?


Genesis Vue provides branded and un-branded links for the Clients use.  Genesis Vue is only a provider and is not responsible for the use of the information on MLS or it’s outcome.


Cancellations & Bookings


The client may be subject to a cancellation fee of $100.00 if a booking is cancelled within 24 hours.If the crew is asked to return to the location at a later date, a fee of $100.00 will apply. Exceptions to this will be if a drone is ordered and the weather does not permit the use of a drone.